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Management of Change

The intent of the requirement for the management of change process is to enhance occupational health and safety at work, by minimizing the introduction of new hazards and OH&S risks into the workplace as changes occur, such as in technology, equipment, facilities, work practices and procedures, design specifications, raw materials, staffing changes, and standards or regulations.

For more information, see also OH&S Risk analysis.

Depending on the nature of an expected change, appropriate methods for assessing the OH&S risks and the OH&S opportunities of the change are needed. The need to manage change can be an outcome of the planning process.

For more information, see also Planning.

A change needs to be implemented so that it does not introduce new unforeseen hazards or increase the OH&S risks. In addition, this process is used to identify OH&S opportunities, such as less hazardous and/or toxic alternatives in order to continue to reduce the OH&S risks to workers and/or others who are responsible for handling or working with the products, materials, etc.

Adequate resources for the implementation of a change are required to be specified and assigned. As part of the change management process, potential changes to hazards and OH&S risks need to be reviewed.

For more information, see also Resource management.

The decision to implement a change needs to ensure that all affected workers are properly informed and are competent to cope with the change.

For more information, see also Training requirements.

Documented information associated with the implementation of changes is controlled and retained.

For more information, see also Documented information.

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