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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Your organization needs to identify potential emergency situations, assess OH&S risks associated with these emergency situations and maintain a process to prevent or minimize OH&S risks from potential emergencies. (See also OH&S risk analysis).

The process to prevent or minimize OH&S risks include:

  • A planned response to emergency situations and including first aid
  • Evaluation and when needed, revision of emergency preparedness processes and procedures including after testing and in particular after the occurrence of emergency situations
  • Communication and provision of relevant information to all workers and at all levels of the organization on their duties and responsibilities
  • Provision of training for emergency prevention, first aid, preparedness, and response
  • Communication of relevant information to contractors, visitors, emergency response services, government authorities, and, as appropriate, the local community
  • Needs and capabilities of all relevant interested parties to ensure their involvement in the development of the planned response
  • Periodic testing and exercise of emergency response capability.


To test the emergency response capability, an exercise / mock drill plan that can be customized for your workplace is provided.

For more information, (see Mock Drill plan).

In all stages of the process, your organization needs to take into account the needs and capabilities of all relevant interested parties and ensure their involvement.

In addition, documented information relevant to emergency preparedness and response is required to be maintained and retained – (see also documentation content).


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