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“Mock Drill Test” – Test of Emergency Response Effectiveness

For Jan-Feb-March-April __ May-June-July-Aug __ Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec ___



  1. From the group of health and safety programs (ref WI-631-001, WI-631-002, WI-631-003), randomly select 1 program area as a candidate for an unannounced “MOCK drill”.
  2. On a general schedule of one mock drill every four months, coordinate with the applicable areas the activities involved in simulating and responding to an emergency situation.
  3. Identify the INJURY or ILL-HEALTH prevention, or HAZARD reduction areas to be tested, the department affected, enter the period date the MOCK drill is required, and submit this request to the Operations Manager.
  4. Follow up with the Operations manager, participate in the mock drill as required to gather applicable information and enter the date the test drill audit was completed, indicate effectiveness accept or reject status, corrective action CAR date (if reject) and add any relevant remarks.
Test Areas Dep’t Period mock drill required Tests Accept date Tests reject date CAR date when applicable


  1. IMS team leader Signature _____________________ Date____________
  2. Obtain affected department Signature ________________ Date___________
  3. Submit the report to the OH&S team leader

Remarks: ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

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