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Your organization needs to establish processes to identify and communicate the hazards and to evaluate and control the OH&S risks, (see also Risk Analysis arising from the:

  • Contractors’ activities and operations to the organization’s workers
  • Organization’s activities and operations to the contractors’ workers
  • Contractors’ activities and operations to other interested parties in the workplace
  • Contractors’ activities and operations to contractors’ workers

Processes are required to be established and maintained to ensure that the requirements of the OH&S management system are met by contractors and their workers. These processes include the OH&S criteria for selection of contractors.

Verification that contractors are capable of performing their tasks before being allowed to proceed with their work is required by verifying that:

  • OH&S performance records are satisfactory
  • Qualification, experience and competence criteria for workers are specified
  • Training and other worker requirements were undertaken
  • Resources, equipment, and work preparations are adequate and ready for the work to proceed

Contractor communication:

To facilitate contractor communication & participation, a contractor communication checklist that can be customized for your workplace is provided. For more information, (see Contractor Checklist).


Checklist Instructions:

  • As a potential contractor and provider of services in our company facilities, please review the checklist items outlined below in preparation for the completion of the checklist.
  • As an acceptable contractor, the checklist items will have to be completed with you the contractor and the company representative, prior to starting your work.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and participation in keeping our workplace safe and healthy.



Contractor Name: ___________________________________ Date: __________


Company Representative: __________________ Signature: _________________


Reference P.O. / Contract Number: _______ Name of project: ________________


Project start date: _________ Anticipated completion date: __________________


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