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Contractor Communication Checklist

Checklist Instructions:

  • As a potential contractor and provider of services in our company facilities, please review the checklist items outlined below in preparation for the completion of the checklist.
  • As an acceptable contractor, the checklist items will have to be completed with you the contractor and the company representative, prior to starting your work.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and participation in keeping our workplace safe and healthy.



Contractor Name: ___________________________________ Date: __________


Company Representative: __________________ Signature: _________________


Reference P.O. / Contract Number: _______ Name of project: ________________


Project start date: _________ Anticipated completion date: __________________


Areas Communication and participation Items Yes No
Safety Rules Explanation of safety rules that apply to the company.
OH&S Policy Explanation of the occupational health and safety policy at of the company.
Environmental Policy Explanation of the environmental policy at of the company.
Quality Policy Explanation of the quality policy at of the company.
Previous Training Determine if the contractor she/he has had previous health and safety training.
Training Discuss any relevant safety, environmental, or compliance or policy/procedure requirements.
Potential hazards Visit the relevant your work areas and facility and discuss associated work area hazards and safe work practices.
Emergency Procedures As applicable, show and explain how to use emergency equipment, such as eyewashes and showers, first aid kits, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire alarm pull boxes.
Toxic Products Identify workspaces where hazardous materials are used, stored, or disposed.
Food and Beverages Explain that food and beverages are only permitted to be stored in refrigerators clearly identified as “FOOD ONLY”.
WHMIS Identify the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). Review the MSDS for all hazardous materials to be used by the contractor.
Emergency Evacuation Review the company’s evacuation plan and explain the evacuation signals and point out proper exit routes.
Personal Protective Equipment -PPE Review the PPE program if the contractor will be required to wear protective equipment. Issue appropriate equipment that must be worn as required by the work being performed.
In Case of Injury or Illness Review the reporting procedures in the event of an injury and/or accident.
Emergency Contact Provide a list of names, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of the persons to be contacted in case of emergency.
Document Maintain a record of the contractor communication.
Health and Safety Inform the health and safety coordinator that a contractor has been engaged by the company and that communication via this checklist has been completed.
Authority to proceed Inform the contractor that the work can only proceed when all the above communication and participation items have been completed
Contractor signature _______________________________ Date: ________



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