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Effective Management Review

Making the most of Management Review is critical to your business.

Management review is an extremely important part of the success of your health and safety management system and your most significant source of opportunity for improvements. Management review can be used to tie together all the elements of your program and bring cohesiveness to the management system. You should focus your attention on “trends, objective evidence, and data-based decisions,” not on daily operations.

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To do this effectively, bring together key points of the OH&S system:

  • Planning for the OH&S, (the processes to identify hazards and assessment of OH&S risks with action to address risk and opportunity to be included in the OH&S) – (see also OH&S Risk analysis).
  • Identification of OH&S objectives – (see OH&S Policy and Objectives).
  • Planning the monitoring and measurement of the processes.

The 45001 StoreDocumented Information Package – (Manual, Procedures, Forms) brought the above 3 pieces together, making management review very data-based and quantitative.

Management identifies measurements to be made and OH&S objectives. At the top management review, improvement goals can be evaluated and new goals identified, leading to continual improvement.

As outlined in section 9.3, the management review process requires specific inputs to management review and specific outputs from management reviews.

For more information, read Management Review Inputs and Outputs.


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