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Management Review Inputs and Outputs

As outlined in section 9.3, the management review process requires specific inputs to management reviews and specific outputs from management reviews.

For more information, read – Management review

The Agenda for Management Review needs to address the following inputs

The agenda includes the following inputs:

        • The status of actions from previous management reviews,
        • Changes in external and internal issues relevant to the OHSMS,
          • The needs and expectations of interested parties
          • Changes to the legal requirements,
          • Changes to OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities,
        • The extent to which the OH&S policy and OH&S objectives are met,
        • Information on the OH&S performance, including trends in:
          • Incidents, nonconformities, corrective actions, and continual improvement,
          • Monitoring and measurement results,
          • Audit results,
          • Results of evaluation of compliance,
          • Consultation and participation of workers,
          • OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities
        • Communications with interested parties,
        • Opportunities for continual improvement,
        • Adequacy of resources required for maintaining an effective OHSMS 

The Outputs of Management Review include the following:

Specific outputs of the management review include decisions related to:

  • Continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the OHSMS in achieving the intended outcomes,
  • Continual improvement opportunities,
  • Any need for changes to the OHSMS, including resources,
  • Actions when objectives have not been achieved,
  • Opportunities to improve the integration of the OHSMS with other business processes,
  • Any implications for the strategic direction of the company.

The relevant outputs of the management review need to be communicated to relevant workers, and where applicable to workers’ representatives.

Documented information is retained as evidence of the results of management reviews. See also – Documentation retention.

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