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Calculating Audit Time

Organizations want to know the cost of ISO 45001 certification, which includes the implementation of an ISO 45001 OHS in your organization as well as Registration Costs. Once your ISO 45001 OHS is operating, a registrar, otherwise known as a certification body (CB) will perform the external audit. The exernal audit is a 2-stage audit.

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The Cost of an ISO 45001 Registration Audit can be estimated at $1500/day + expenses, and the number of ISO 45001 Audit Days is calculated based on a few factors such as size, complexity, risk, and the nature of your company. An ISO 17021 accredited registrar will use the guidelines and requirements set forth by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) to consider these factors and determine time required to audit clients.

The table below represents one of those guidelines provided by IAF to be used for calculating audit time based on number of employees.

For more information visit the IAF.

When complexity, risk, and nature of the organization being audited are factored into the equation, the audit time listed in this table may be adjusted. IAF provides additional guidelines and requirements for considering these factors.

Every certification body will have their own process for determining audit time, but will need to account for these factors based on IAF requirements to maintain accreditation.

Audit time may fluctuate between the initial, surveillance and re-certification audits. A certification body could determine after an initial audit that more or less time is required for the surveillance audit. Audit time may include remote auditing techniques such as web meetings, teleconferencing, and electronic verification of the client’s processes. This is not uncommon for certification bodies, especially for stage one audits.

For more information visit the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).



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