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Improvements Under ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Requirement: ISO 45001 requires processes for the investigation of incidents and nonconformity related to health and safety issues and the application of corrective actions all aimed at continual improvement of the OH&S system.

The Key Requirements are outlined in this page.

Section 10 Improvement

Section 10.1 General

This section deals with the determination of opportunities for improvements through the
evaluation of performance (with previous clause 9), and with the implementation of
actions needed to achieve the intended outcomes of the OH&S management system.

Section 10.2 Incident, Nonconformity and Corrective Action

To meet the requirements of this clause, you will need to plan, establish, implement and maintain a process to manage incidents and nonconformities including reporting, investigating and taking action.

Types of health and safety incidents will vary widely depending on the nature of your business and your activities. Examples of incidents, nonconformities and corrective actions along with more information and details on what is required when an incident or a nonconformity occurs are provided here.

Corrective actions need to be appropriate to the effects or potential effects of the incidents or nonconformities encountered.

For more information, read Definitions.

Documented information is retained as evidence of the nature of the incidents or nonconformities, subsequent actions taken, and the results and effectiveness of corrective actions.

  • This documented information needs to be communicated to relevant workers, and if applicable to representatives of the workers, and other relevant interested parties.
  • The prompt reporting and investigation of incidents can be helpful in the removal of hazards and in minimizing associated OH&S risks.

Section 10.3 Continual Improvement

As noted elsewhere, the standard emphasizes improvement in OH&S performance with Continual improvement, and the need to utilize a review or checking phase from the P-D-C-A continual improvement cycle, Plan>Do>Check>Act .

Your organization is required to continually improve the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the OH&S management system in order to prevent occurrence of incidents and nonconformities, promote a positive occupational health and safety culture and enhance OH&S performance.

Continual Improvement is an ongoing effort to improve your business where the efforts can be:

  • Gradual – seek “incremental” improvement over time
  • Breakthrough – get “all at once” improvement

Your ability to meet OH&S and other requirements is constantly being evaluated and improved in to deliver more efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. This is not a separate endeavor, but rather is part of the ISO 45001 OH&S System.

Feedback is evaluated against the objectives. ISO 45001 asks for Continual Improvement of your system and one way to do this is better focus through a more critical eye and improving your knowledge to learn how to apply the tactics.

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As continual improvement objectives your organization needs to continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the OH&S management system in order to:

  • Prevent occurrence of incidents and nonconformities
  • Promote a positive occupational health and safety culture
  • Enhance OH&S performance
  • Ensure participation of relevant interested parties.

See also OH&S Policy and Objectives

Your organization is required to plan, establish, implement and maintain a continual improvement process which takes into account the outputs of the activities described in ISO 45001. The results of continual improvement are communicated to the relevant workers, and their representatives if required.

Documented information is retained as evidence of the results of continual improvement.

Continual improvement begins with top management leadership and commitment to the OH&S system. See also top management responsibility.

Please note that certain text from the ISO 45001 standard is only used for instructional purposes. Standard Stores recognizes and respects the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) copyright and intellectual property guidelines.


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