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ISO 45001 Training from BSI

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45001store.com has partnered with BSI to provide numerous ISO 45001 Quality Management System training options. The extensive list of training options offer flexibility and customization. 45001store and BSI both understand that one size does not always fit all. Through our partnership with BSI; organizations have online ISO 45001 training, on site ISO 45001 training, and public ISO 45001 training available.

A typical course agenda for ISO 45001 training would look like this:

  • Learn quality management definitions, concepts, and guidelines
  • Learn the purpose of the ISO 45001 series
  • Learn the requirements of the ISO 45001:2015 standard
  • Learn the eight Quality Management Principles
  • Learn the process approach
  • Learn how auditing to requirements works
  • Learn how to identify non conformity
  • Learn the purpose and content of an audit report

ISO 45001 training courses span from a general understanding of the ISO 45001 standard to an in depth workable knowledge base that is ready to be put into action.

Who needs the ISO 45001 Quality Management System training?

  • Executive level management
  • Administrative support personnel
  • Quality teams
  • Operational support personnel
  • Logistical support personnel
  • Existing employees
  • New employees