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ISO 45001 Participation and Consultation

Section 5.4 requires that you establish, implement and maintain processes for participation and consultation in the development, planning, implementation, evaluation and actions for improvement of the OH&S management system by workers at all applicable levels and functions*, and where they exist, workers’ representatives.

*Note that section 3.3 of the standard defines “Worker” as a person performing work or work-related activities under the control of the organization.

Giving additional emphasis to the inclusion of non-managerial workers in participation and consultation is key to meeting the requirements of clause 5.4.

While participation and consultation considers many elements of the OH&S management system, it can include:

  • Providing mechanisms, time, training and resources necessary for participation and consultation,
  • Providing timely access to the clear, understandable and relevant information about the OH&S management system,
  • Identifying and removing obstacles or barriers to participation and minimize those that cannot be removed,
  • Identifying hazards and assessing risks,
  • Controlling hazards and risks,
  • Identifying needs of competence, training, and evaluation of training,
  • Determining the information that needs to be communicated and how this should be done,
  • Determining control measures and their effective use,
  • Investigating incidents and nonconformities and determining corrective actions,
  • Determining the needs and expectations of interested parties,
  • Establishing the OH&S policy and the OH&S objectives,
  • Assigning and communicating organizational roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and authorities,
  • Determining how to apply legal requirements and other requirements,
  • Determining applicable controls for outsourcing, procurement, and contractors,
  • Determining what needs to be monitored, measured and evaluated,
  • Planning, establishing, implementing and maintaining an audit program,
  • Establishing a continual improvement process.


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