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Register of Legal Obligations

  1. General Guidelines Information

The identification of compliance obligations, legal and other requirements and the evaluation of their significance associated with the activities, operations, products or services consider mandatory requirements issued by governmental entities or other relevant authorities, such as:

  • Law and regulations,
  • Permits, licenses or other forms of authorization,
  • Orders, rules or guidance issued by regulatory agencies,
  • Judgments of courts or administrative tribunals,
  • Treaties, conventions, and protocols.

Compliance obligations also include other interested party requirements related to the OH&S, which the company chooses to adopt such as:

  • Agreements with community groups or non-governmental entities,
  • Agreements with public authorities and customers,
  • Organizational requirements,
  • Voluntary principles or codes of practice,
  • Voluntary labeling or health and safety commitments,
  • Obligations arising under contractual arrangements with the company,
  • Relevant organizational and industry standards.
  1. The register of applicable legal obligations.

The register contains the completed worksheets (see below) for the identification of legal requirements, compliance regulations and represents a composite listing of the applicable requirements for the management system.

  1. Summary of Legal Obligations

Summarize the Legal Obligations that relate to the OH&S and apply to your activities, products, services/company, in the table below.

Register Legal Compliance Table


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